This article is the guide on how to create a professional website without "technical" skills (HTML and programming in general) and without the need to hire a professional.

What can interest you? Perfect!

NOTE: This is a strategic article written by those who create websites by profession. I will go much deeper than what you expect to find in a similar article: I will not only talk about practical creation, but I will show you some techniques to make sure that your site will increase your turnover.

But if you simply want a practical guide, you can click below: in 10 minutes your site will be online.

Ok, let's start with the big picture.

The absence of a corporate site is a major lack for your business.

By now you should have understood … what do you do when you need a product / service and you do not know where to find it? Where do you inform yourself? Where do you solve your doubts?

I'll tell you: through the web.

Internet is not a "phenomenon of the moment", but the common thread that will move any type of business (yes, even yours).


I do not want to make you feel guilty, the problem is not just about you: according to a Clutch study , almost half (46%) of small business owners and various businesses do not own a website.

The thing that is most scary are the reasons (or rather, the excuses …) for which these entrepreneurs have chosen not to have one …

Create websites and excusesSave

First SORRY: a website is not relevant to my business.

Why should it not be relevant to your business? The only activity for which a site is not relevant is an activity without customers.

Taking into account that 81% of people inform themselves online before making a purchase decision …. whether it's B2B or B2C, why should it not be relevant?

ATTENTION: Do not confuse the relevant word with the fundamental word.

Creating a website, for now, may not be fundamental to your specific case ( in the sense that you can survive even without a site for now … ), but it is undeniable that it is relevant to the growth of your turnover.

Second SCUSA: the cost of the website

Here I could also give you reason (or at least do not blame yourself …)

.. You made a quote, and they offered you a crazy figure even just for the creation of a simple "showcase" website with some pages, and then you decided that the advantages were not worth the price …

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